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This is the project file for a computer data overlay I have created for Adobe's Premiere Pro using After Effects.

You may have seen something similar before, however the difference here is that you can import the data from your entire dive and the element updates in real time throughout your video.

The overlay has been designed as an Essential Graphics component so that it may be loaded directed into Premiere Pro and configured within your project. No After Effects editing is necessary to utilize this effect.


Choose From Variable Skins:

- Perdix

- Petrel

- Predator

- No Skin (data only)

Adjustable Label colours

Adjustable Brightness settings

Warnings and Alarms are colour matched to the computer's screen

This is a FREE to use element. Credit in your video description would be nice though: 

Shearwater Overlay from: Tyler Caughill -

If you like this overlay and would like to donate to author - anything at all is appreciated.

PayPal to -> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For an demo video of the element in action click here:

For instructions on use, click here:


A few implementation tips:

  • create your Premiere Pro video sequence by stringing each video file in to make your entire dive one video
  • add the element to the top channel while the video is whole
  • find a time/depth point to synchronize the overlay with the display
  • once you are synchronized, link the element and your video and you can then edit away
  • when editing, ensure you are cutting the video and element at the same spots and use the ripple edit to keep them in sync when you remove pieces.
  • last step - the element is 1 hour - so trim off the end to line up with the end of you video scenes...
  • enjoy!
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