$10 L XL XXL
Heavy Duty latex rubber pull-over style dry suit gloves. These gloves are self-sealing over either round or oval hard wrist wrings typically found on suits with replaceable silicone wrist seals.
$15 M L XL
Latex rubber, not vinyl! These gloves are soft yet durable, textured for great grip and have a flocked lining. These gloves need to be fitted onto a stand ring system.
$5.00 Each
PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Tank wrap. Fits all standard full size scuba cylinders.
$50.00 Either Size
These full adjustable sling / stage kits will adjust to fit any body length and are available with either small (up to 40 cuft bottle) or large (80cuft bottles) and are made of heavy duty 1-inch webbing and XL stainless bolt snaps.