Cylinder Service
Complete Dive Cylinder Inspection and Maintenance

Visual Cylinder Inspection

PSI/PCI credentialed cylinder inspections check for physical damage, corrosion, detritus and thread integrity to ensure your safety and the safety of those who are filling your cylinder.

Hydro-Static Testing

Transport Canada requires all diving cylinders be tested every 5 years. Without a valid test date on the cylinder, no dive shop is permitted to fill your cylinder. Check your hydro date today and be ready for spring.

Oxygen Cleaning

Cylinders used for oxygen contents above 40% or used in partial pressure Nitrox filling must be cleaned for oxygen service each season and any time non-oxygen compatible air or contaminants are introduced.

Steel Cylinders

When these cylinders are filled with air that has a high moisture content, rust can begin to form on the insides and not only is it bad to breathe, left unchecked it can eventually cause a catastrophic failure of your cylinder.

Rusty cylinders should be whipped or tumbled and then treated with an rust inhibitor to prevent further issues.


Before Whipping


After Whipping

Service Aluminium Steel
VIP $15 $15
Hydro Test $30 $30
O2 Cleaning $45 $55
Twinset Assembly/Disassembly add $10 add $10
Valve Service:    
   - Overhaul $10 $10
   - Overhaul and O2 Clean $20 $20
   - Manifolds  $30 $30
   - Manifolds with O2 Clean $55 $55
   - Burst Disk Replacement (each) $20 $20
   - Replace Knob (each) $20 $20

                                                       All Payment Methods Accepted (transaction fees of 2.9% applies PayPal and Credit Cards)



O2 Clean Means Everything...

Your Cylinder

The inside of the cylinder must be scrubbed free of any potential hydrocarbons and rinsed. Steel cylinders must then be treated with rust inhibitor before being thoroughly dried.

Your Valve

Valves are disassembled, each component scrubbed clean, o-rings changed, moving parts lubricated and reassembled using manufacturer torque specifications.

O-Rings and Lubricants

All o-rings must be replaced with oxygen compatible materials like Viton and only O2 safe lubricants can be used. NEVER use silicone lube on O2 clean equipment.
When was the last time you had your valves serviced?

O-rings deteriorate, lubrication breaks down ... a complete overhaul keeps your valves working smoothly and leak free.

Did you know you should change your burst disks at least once every five years?

Have them changed at hydro test time!