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Dive Training Courses
Learn to dive or take your training further with a wide variety of available training courses.
The first step in beginning your underwater adventure.
The Advanced Open Water Diver course is your next step after your initial certification. Once you have achieved this certification, you will have a strong foundation of skills which you can use to become a better diver.
The Rescue Diver course will teach you the skills to assist in an emergency and make you a more confident diver.
Learn to breath rich oxygen mixtures up to 40% to extend your bottom times and make your dives safer.
Cross the invisible barrier past 100 feet and learn the additional skills that keep you safe at the extreme edges of the recreational diving range.
See what it feels like to be warm during and after your dives and learn the skills to stay safe diving dry.
Wreck Divers learn about the shipwrecks that dive, navigation skills and penetration skills.
Diving with a scooter is a whole new experience. Go farther, faster and have fun along the way.
A better name for the solo diver course. Self-Reliant Divers can solve their own problems at depth and enjoy a greater freedom when diving.
The Tec Gas Blender course will teach you about safety, oxygen cleaning and blending diving gas mixtures to within 1%
The PADI Divemaster course is the first Professional level course and prepares you for supervision and assisting instructors with their classes.
$125 or Discounted as a Package

Primary Care is your emergency first aid skills.

Learn to control the key aspects of emergencies - Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Shock, Serious Bleeding and Spinal Injuries

$125 or Discounted as a Package

With Secondary Care you are focused on basic first aid.

Learn to deal with non-life-threatening injuries of all kinds.

$100 or Discounted as a Package

A focused class dealing with CPR and using the AED in an emergency.

You will learn CPR and AED Skills for adults, children and infants.

$100 or Discounted as a Package

Learn the purpose and steps involved in treating emergency victims with oxygen.

When combined with CPR, AED, Primary and Secondary First Aid skills - you might just be someones superhero!

$300 for all FOUR courses

EFR - Primary Care

EFR - Secondary Care


Emergency Oxygen Provider

Four courses, one price

Available Adventure Dives

Your Advanced Open Water Diver course consists of FIVE Adventure dives that can be chosen from the list below. Courses marked with a * are mandatory.

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Learn the basics and dive on Enriched Air under direct supervision.
Make your first dive below 60 feet safely with your instructor accompanying.
Find out why night dives are so much fun when you see things like you have never seen before.
The basics in how to perform a search pattern and recovery a sunken object.
Dive off a boat!
An important skill that every diver needs is the ability to navigate beneath the waves.
Learn how to take better photos and videos while diving.
Do a trial dive in a dry suit and you will never be the same.

Requirements For All Courses

A medical questionnaire must be completed before any underwater training activities may take place. In some cases, you may be required to consult with your physician before beginning training.
Must carefully read the acceptance of risk and liability waiver and return signed before underwater training may begin.
Review and agree to the safe diving practices before being your underwater training.